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Learn About Lucrative Progressive Jackpots

Most online gambling establishments offer progressive jackpots. These casino games have the highest payouts; we are talking life-changing kind of money. Well, this kind of win does not come easy. It takes patience, persistence, strategy and of course luck plays a significant role. Online casinos provide an opportunity for you to win big while having fun. As a result, Diamond Reels progressive jackpots are made available for you to try your luck.

Progressive jackpots slots happen to be amongst the most played games simply because they hold the biggest rewards. In fact, it's safe to state that they are as rewarding as the lotteries.

Diamond Reels Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can be defined as the top payout amounts on certain casino games that progressively accumulate as more people continue to place wagers. Note that these progressives could be presented in a variety of casino games; however, they are commonly tied to various slots machines. Additionally, progressive jackpots prizes could go up to millions of dollars.

One important aspect you need to remember when you decide to play these is that they usually require maximum wagers. Put simply, it means that even when you hit the winning combination, but have not wagered the required amount, you'll not win the top prize. Therefore, it's essential to read and understand all the terms and conditions before playing these particular slots.


Types of Progressive Jackpots

Generally, online betting houses will have three types of progressive slots. It's noteworthy to point out that some slot machines come with a fixed amount but on a progressive slot. As such, the jackpot goes up as more players continue to wager since a certain percentage feeds the jackpot. Below are the main types made available;

  • Wide Area Network: Basically, these are the most popular in the market today. A wide area network links slots machines across multiple online gambling establishments that share the same software such as Microgaming. Therefore, this type accumulates at a much faster rate given that it has more players and comes with a huge payout.
  • Local Diamond Reels Progressive Jackpots:This was popular a while back but still common in various gambling houses. Mainly, this is tied to a single or a group of games in a casino. They accumulate at a slower rate but also have attractive top prizes.
  • Standalone: Just like the name suggests, a slot machine will have a jackpot on a game. As such, this is only fed by wagers placed on that particular machine. This was the only type of progressive before the others were launched.

Top Diamond Reels Progressive Jackpots

Basically, you'll come across numerous progressives on different slots machines. The only difference is that some come with better prizes than others. The top progressives that gamers can play include:

  • Mega Bucks
  • Mega Moolah
  • Major Millions
  • Cash Splash

Generally, these are some of the popular Diamond Reels progressive jackpot slots in which you can indulge. Some may be powered by the same software provider but have varying betting limits.


Major Online Jackpot Wins

Hitting a winning combination is hard but not impossible. It's quite evident if you were to go by the past wins that include:

  • €17,861,800 on Mega Fortune
  • £13.2 Million Mega Moolah
  • €11,736,375 Mega Fortune
  • $9.2 Million on Mega Moolah